A long time since my last post (and yes, my first post – I’m not a technology wiz). We’ve just moved and I finally have some space to work on larger pieces. Just working on two pieces to enter in the RA Summer Show next year.

– Brendon Marczan



Emerging from my imagination via my sketchbook, welcome to this, my digital presentation portfolio, a tool to help me deliver my art to a wider audience.

Every artwork I create is part of an unfolding story – my story of imagination, observation and a little bit of obsession. Each line, every angle, each stroke and every drop of colour, helps me to strive for a perfect whole image. Each painful challenge faced on the page represents a flow of experience, expectation, memory and observation.

This blog is a technological diary of a creative process. I hope it keeps you connected to me and to my projects. I also hope you can share my progress with your friends and family. It’s important for me to communicate my thoughts and ideas with others and it’s just as important to get feedback, so please e-mail me or use whatever social media magic you need to, and get in touch.

I hope my work inspires and delights you. Art truly comes to life when it’s shared with others.

Welcome to my patterned world…

– Brendon Marczan