100% Pure Love

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Brendon talks about his series 100% PURE LOVE

Pattern has always provided vital inspiration for my work. Having been born with a mild case of OCD, coupled with a dash of ADHD, means that repetition to achieve perfection is quite a normal pursuit for me – it may seem dogged and unexciting to many people, but to me it is the route to beauty.

This series of works was the first time that I let pattern flow into my work, in order to challenge the way I interpreted energy and to express the different creative influences that left me itching to produce bold and beautiful artworks. The choice of shocking colour, the introduction of mainstream pop music lyrics, and the experimentation with new materials, all marked a firm push against the fashionable ‘outback landscapes’ which dominated Australian art at the time. I let the light and colours of my homeland flow through in a novel way.

My aim was also to introduce humour into art. Things were becoming so serious and competitive (I think they still are), so hiding nostalgic pop lyrics inside each visual story was my way of appealing to people who may not have been used to viewing art. Australia isn’t used to art in the same way that Europe is. It is far less pervasive and can seem alien and unwelcoming.

Some of these works were based on my experiences with friends, and were an attempt to revisit and revaluate my own youth. Others were more like experiments – intricate and time-intensive projects to hone my grasp of pattern and to better understand my abilities.

I love creating art. 100% Pure Love is a crystal waters song and it was playing when I started one of the final pieces – it seemed an appropriate title as I was diving into an ocean of passion that was about to engulf the rest of my life.