Take me home tonight

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Brendon talks about his series TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT

Genetics can be a blessing – great legs, blazing blue eyes, or the ability to carry a tan without the worry of sun damage taking its toll. I’m lucky for a lot of things, although none of those mentioned. I’ve been going bald for longer than I ever had a full head of hair. In college, the thinning mop atop my head was styled to hide the inevitable demise of a full head, the truth poorly masked with spikes and troughs, and a variety of products and, every now and then, a crazy colour to distract the passer-by.

As I became more comfortable with what the admen tells us is an inadequacy, I became fascinated with other people’s hair and the time and effort that they put into grooming their manes. In particular, my circle of friends seemed to have a lot of collective hair and, if we were having a few drinks at home before going out, this was always accompanied by a serious investment of time and focus to prepare ourselves for the night ahead. Suddenly, personality alone wasn’t important – the eyes, usually the window to the soul, were relegated to mere mane-checkers. A playful flick of hair, a perfectly cut fringe, or a bouncing curl brought the magic to the admirer. Hair could be grabbed, ruffled, playfully twirled and used as an aid to make us all mysterious.