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It’s always been difficult for me to represent my artwork in any size smaller than the original. With the amount of detail that I’m trying to communicate in an image, I’ve continually struggled to impress anyone with an email attachment. Before that, it was the same for printing an image on paper and posting it; and more recently, with my limited web development capabilities, I was again restricted to the tiny image of my work that the viewer may be looking at on their phone or computer.

When my new website was in discussion, the option to zoom in on my artworks seemed like someone had just opened the magically wardrobe doors to Narnia. Suddenly, I could offer someone on the other side of the world the opportunity to see my work that little bit closer.

This new aspect of viewing my work was, for an instant, incredibly satisfying. But soon, as I began to zoom further and further, I realised I wanted more; I wanted to zoom further and further until the image was impossibly pixelated. I realise that I do this for many things when I’m online – my desire to infinitely explore an image.

The desire to magnify, inspect with more capability than ever before, made me wonder what more I expected from the image and what else I expected from the art. Did I expect to see something more complex and rewarding than I’d previously been able to see? I have become intrigued as to what fantasy land exists beyond the lines and colour on my pages – are there more tipi? Is it just an enlarged version of my imagination where the pattern is bigger and stronger?

Is this ability to see more than ever before connected to our lives in general and do we now expect more from art in the same way we have come to expect more from life, love and beauty?

Just like the toys in a child’s bedroom come alive at night, I’m trying to imagine a life inside and beyond my pattern.