15TH JUNE - 2ND JULY, 2016

The first exhibition of works by Brendon in Ireland, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ showed seven pieces from Brendon’s body of work ‘The Birds’.

From the Molesworth Gallery:

“With work from gallery and invited artists including Catherine Barron, Michael Beirne, Gabhann Dunne, John Kindness, Vera Klute, Brendon Marczan, Bennie Reilly, Sheila Pomeroy, Patrick Redmond and Tim Shaw RA, this exhibition considers the disparate ways in which animal imagery is deployed in contemporary art.

Historically, artists have always turned to the animal kingdom as a source of inspiration for their work. In fact, long before humanity mastered the written word, beasts painted in ochre mud and hematite adorned our cave walls. Contemporary research suggests that these paintings served a shamanistic purpose, to channel the power of the animal perhaps, or to influence the behaviour of the creatures for the purpose of the hunt. All early civilisations developed this theme in their art, from the Mesopotamians to the Mexicans – drawings, prints, books, music, and medieval and literary manuscripts illustrate the role of animals as symbols, teachers of moral lessons, aesthetic and scientific muses, talking creatures, and companions. The personification of animals in art has become so established that many of us inherently accept animals in art as representative symbols for human behaviour and interaction, with human values projected onto animals as a vehicle for exploring our relationships with one-another and the world around us.

In contemporary art, from Damien Hirst’s shark to Maurizio Cattelan’s taxidermy and Louise Bourgeois’s spider, questions of identity and creativity have consistently been framed through the use of animals and animal imagery. Sometimes the animals themselves are deployed to challenge conventions around their depiction, such as Italian artist Gino De Dominicis who, from the 1970s, staged exhibitions open only to creatures with no humans allowed. It’s impossible to know what was in the show and, more importantly, what animals might have thought of it, but De Dominicis succeeded in reversing our usually anthropocentric point of view.

All of the artists included in this exhibition frequently use animals as symbols, often to express some aspect of the human condition. In some instances the animal is a mnemonic device to precipitate or to record an experience or a memory, sometimes the animal functions as a cipher for the artist themselves.

Brendon Marczan’s graphic depictions of birds and animals from his native Australia – pardalotes, galahs and rosellas among others – represent a desire to liberate animals from their role as metaphorical placeholders for humans in art and move them into the literal. He choses to accentuate or occlude aspects of the creature, leaving just a wing or a fan of tail feathers and rendering the picture plane difficult to read precisely while forcing the viewer to examine the detail to discern the whole.

For more information about the Molesworth Gallery and the exhibition, please visit http://www.molesworthgallery.com/

Series exhibited: The Birds


4TH - 10TH NOVEMBER, 2013

Coming on the back of his hugely successful introduction to the AAF in Battersea by Ingo Fincke Gallery, Brendon’s first solo show in London, Nature in Tipi saw the exhibition of four bodies of work that focused on themes relating to Nature.

The works on paper hung in elegant white frames at the Vyner Street Gallery in East London for a week only but made a huge impact during the week, with the highpoint being a Private Viewing on 7th November. Attended by over 400, the viewing was the first time many works had been displayed in public and presented Brendon’s intricate detail and ability to translate natural forms with his signature ‘Tipi’ pattern.

Series exhibited: Endangered, My Flowers, Tipi, Where it is Wetter


25TH - 31ST MAY, 2009

Brendon’s first solo show, 100% Pure Love exhibited vibrant and energetic works from three series at the Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst, Sydney Australia from 25th – 31st May, 2009. Filling the entire three gallery spaces at Tap, the 35 original artworks were viewed by over 300 people on the opening night alone.

Series exhibited: 100% Pure Love, Take Me Home Tonight and The Skinny Pen Made Me Do It