Brendon talks about his upcoming series EMOTI.CON

I’ve just ordered at my local café. The Tuesday morning silence is shaken only by the high-pitched sound of milk being steamed.

We’re all guilty of staring aimlessly into our phones. Over dinner, waiting for a train, at home watching television – we’ve perfected the art of dual communication – giving our deepest sympathies to a grieving family member while seamlessly switching between Facebook and making sure we don’t miss the next bus.

This wasn’t an overnight transition – we evolved from letters to email, then from instant messenger software to texting. Now we upload photos of ourselves looking sad, or more efficiently, choose an emoticon to express feelings.

As I gawp blankly into my iphone, waiting for my coffee, I wonder: are the ‘crying face’, ‘sad face’ and finally the ‘hug’ emoticons I choose really communicating the regret I feel over the fight we had last night? Do they make my apology more sincere, just as honest, or less compassionate as it would be in person? As I look up to grab my coffee and give a big ‘good morning’ smile to the barista, I’m not sure I remember the difference between the two types of interactions.

I wanted to capture this moment in time, where we’re learning how to live alongside our technology and fight our urges to exist through it instead.