Brendon talks about his upcoming series OVERPASS

We leave the hotel in Hong Kong and jump into a taxi. We’re off to have a picnic in the park – a tiny patch of turf in Kowloon. The driver takes the first left and climbs onto an overpass so we can avoid life below – there’s not much traffic today so the road reflects the glare of the summer sun.

The overpasses we weave over and under are opaque, solid and unavoidable but at the same time, they are totally invisible. We don’t notice how dominating they are and how their warm grey concrete pylons block out cities, suburbs and rolling hills through the countryside. We tend not to notice them at all.

Flashing neon lights that cover buildings with familiar, international brand names and local eateries jostle to distract the passer-by from seeing the last glimpse of blue sky.

I’ve joked with my colleagues before about which overpass is our favourite. We all have different tastes.

We arrive at the busy green space in record time. We managed to avoid the hustle and bustle of an entire city – there’s no blue in the sky today – the pollution is too heavy.